protecting against the negative effects of electromagnetic

Bionic Card

A whole new innovative card tailor-made to be carried or hanged by individuals. The Bionic card provides a unique user experience which maximizes performance and enables people to better improve their daily life-style. The Bionic card emits negative ions which contribute recovering the body's vitality and protecting against the negative effects of electromagnetic surrounding us. The Bionic card works on getting rid of unwanted free radicals

Bionic Card Components

A triple layer plastic card containing a carbon design that resembles a thin circuit of semiconductors, it contributes to protect against electromagnetic waves and harmful positive ions emitting from
Electrical, electronic devices, wireless devices and all environmental pollutants surrounding us.

Important considerations for Bionic Mobile Card users

1. The Bionic Card product is not a medical device nor medication but a product that helps you to live your life better
2. The medical benefit of this product depends on traditional usage & literature and not evaluated as a medicine.
3. The Bionic Card is not affected by water, weather and environmental factors surrounding humans.
4. No side effects have been reported on human health until now.

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  • 1
    Transparent Layer
  • 2
    Front Layer
  • 3
    Carbonic Circular
  • 4
    Back Layer
  • 5
    Transparent Protaction

Why Bionic Card?

01. Improve

  • Levels of life in a safe environment away from pollution

02. Protect

  • from negative effect of electromagnetic waves

03. Helps

  • to contribute recovering the body's original vitality

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